My Promised Land

Andrea Interiano

Andrea, a Guatemalan raised in the United States; is a young Christian writer that decided to start her first book with her personal journey, a journey in what she went through at a very youthful age. 

Her own experiences, lessons and difficulties; thought her to reflect about her actions in life. And now, this inspire her to give hope and light to those lost in whatever storm they might be. 

My Promised Land

There is a time for everything, and this is the time for you to start living the most pleasant time of your life; even if you are feeling lost, worried, trapped between walls of contention; this book is the key that will open the door of your Promised Land. 

However you are feeling right now, while you read this book, you will identify with a season of your life that maybe you are living or you have lived before.  

How to find this Promised Land lays beneath these pages, so go on and start living the time of your life. 

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