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A Revelation

Andrea Interiano

During quarantine, Andrea had a revelation moment. She looked back to all that she have lived during her 25 years and realized that she found something that shocked her and made her life turn around.

The author of these revelation book, at a very young age found herself lost, living a life that she thought was filling her with companion and happiness. It took her a time to realized that it was the opposite. The depression cover her smile like a dark shadow and stayed there, pulling her away from the people that love her.

She found God during this time of struggles, and He helped her find peace and joy during her journey through her Promise Land.

Andrea wanted more young people, living difficult times like her, to find the keys to their happiness. So, she laid them beneath these pages.

The Promise Land, different to everyone, is a place of joy, peace and happiness; a place where God wants to have us all. Where the soul does not know what sadness, loneliness or affliction is. And the keys to find it, is here, in this book: My Promised Land.

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